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with a proud Kiwi focus.

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Funding & leasing options to support growth.

Through Speirs Finance Group we offer our business customers options - from funding passenger and commercial vehicles (light & heavy), through to mobile plant, fixed plant and commercial equipment.

Part of a broader Group

Equipment Leasing & Finance Holdings Limited, trading as ELF Group, has equipment & finance in its DNA.

Speirs Finance Group, a division of ELF Group, provides finance and asset management capability, with AB Equipment being one of NZ’s largest distributors of capital equipment. We're a solid yet nimble experienced bunch.

Our History

Speirs Finance first began in Palmerston North back in 1964, providing NZ businesses with asset finance and funding solutions. After operating for more than 30 years, in 2008 the business was sold by its owners, Speirs Group Limited.

The Speirs Finance brand was successfully re-established in 2014 by its original owners, together with a top-tier private equity partner. The business philosophy back then, as it still is today, was to better understand our customers, building solid, genuine long-term relationships, enabling us to provide tailored, structured & accessible funding solutions for better business.

A passionate team with decades of experience in NZ banking, finance & leasing

We move at pace, with strength & flexibility. Working alongside NZ businesses to better fund & manage assets. 

Structured lending and leasing options

Supporting you with optimal funding & fleet solutions to best meet your business objectives.

We value relationships

Building a long-term partnership with us will mean you have support from our team, a dedicated relationship manager and access to finance & asset management solutions structured to suit your needs.

Kiwis, keeping Kiwi businesses moving more efficiently

Through Yoogo Fleet, we’ll fund, connect & fully manage your business fleet. Leave that all to us. A complete management solution for any vehicle you own, lease or finance.